An integrated approach to identifying and assessing Carer health and wellbeing

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This paper builds on the work started by the NHS England ‘Commitment to Carers’ that was published in May 2014, and which sought to give the five and a half million carers in England the recognition and support they need to provide invaluable care for loved ones.


This paper addresses changes to the way in which carer health and wellbeing need is identified, assessed, and supported, as a result of changes introduced by the Care Act 2014 and the Children and Families Act 2014.

It is, essentially, a resource to help promote working together between Adult social care services, NHS commissioners and providers, and third sector organisations that support carers, of all ages, with a specific focus on developing an integrated approach to the identification, assessment and support of carers and their families across  health and social care.

To support this joint working, a template Memorandum of Understanding, to be discussed and agreed locally, is included at Appendix One.