Care and Treatment Review: Key Lines of Enquiry

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The Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) template is used for all types of C(E)TR to ensure consistent recording of findings and generate the C(E)TR report. and was updated in July 2017 to include a printable version of the form for use in secure settings if a laptop cannot be used.


This template was revised updated in January 2021 to correct an issue with date validation for 2018. The provider list and text wrapping functions have also been updated and corrected. Please replace any locally saved copies of the blank template with this version.

It ensures consistent recording of findings and generates the CTR report. Please see the template for help and advice about how to use it, but if you experience any continuing problems please email

There is also a range of 6 C(E)TR workbooks – one for each type of C(E)TR. These easy to follow workbooks help all members of the panel gather information during a CTR/CETR for the KLOE template.