Changing practice in dementia care in the community: developing and testing evidence-based interventions, from timely diagnosis to end of life (EVIDEM)

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The End of Life Care study (EVIDEM-EoL) by Lliffe et al (2015) explored the experiences of people with dementia and their families at the end of life and showed how they could be improved by promoting collaboration between care homes and general practice.

EVIDEM-EoL: quality of care at the end of life.


This study tracked care received by 133 Older People with Dementia (OPWD) over 18 months in six residential care homes, including medication review and economic evaluation. An important output of this study is the development of a framework that defines the different manifestations or levels of uncertainty, and that can be used to test the comprehensiveness and strengths of future interventions designed to improve end-of-life care for people with dementia in care homes.