Commissioning framework for biological medicines

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The purpose of this document is to support commissioners to act promptly to make the most of the opportunity presented by increased competition amongst biological medicines, including biosimilar medicines. In particular, this framework seeks to set out the importance of taking a collaborative approach to the commissioning of biological medicines, including biosimilar medicines, from the outset, as well as setting out how this can be achieved.


Biosimilar Medicine CCG template

Biosimilar Medicine CCG template

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As a next step following publication of the Commissioning Framework for biological Medicines, including biosimilar medicines in September 2017. The joint NHS England and NHS Improvement Regional Pharmacists were tasked with developing a template to assess CCG uptake of best value biological medicines with a view to ensuring plans are in place for each region by early 2018. All CCGs are asked to complete the template and return to by 5pm, 22 December 2017.