Feasibility Study to Evaluate Cycloidal Vibration Therapy for the Symptomatic Treatment of Intermittent Claudication Due to Peripheral Arterial Disease

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A doctoral study by Atkin was a feasibility study aimed to assess the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of Cycloidal Vibration Therapy CVT as a novel treatment for intermittent claudication (IC).


The study has established that CVT treatment is highly acceptable to IC patients and may potentially offer an alternative treatment option. Improvements from baseline after 12 weeks observed in Pain-Free Walking Time (PFWT) and Maximum Waking Time (MWT) in participants experiencing IC are comparable to improvements seen from other treatment options such as supervised exercise.  Substantive improvements in systolic leg pressure in the treated leg, and the concurrent absence of a substantive change in the untreated leg over the same period suggests a causative effect.