Integrated care boards in England

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Information about integrated care boards (ICBs): the Establishment Order for ICBs, a table setting out the statutory list of ICBs, a map of the areas covered by the 42 ICBs (and ICSs) and the ICB constitutions.


The Integrated Care Boards (Establishment) Order 2022 legally establishes 42 ICBs with effect from 1 July 2022.


The Integrated Care Boards (Establishment) (Variation) Order 2023 makes changes to The Integrated Care Boards (Establishment) Order 2022 with effect from 1 April 2023, as follows:

  1. Changes to the areas of NHS Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board and NHS Sussex Integrated Care Board;
  2. Changes in the descriptions of the areas (but not the areas themselves) of certain other integrated care boards;
  3. Reference to the constitutions of all integrated care boards being published on individual integrated care board websites, with a link to all integrated care board websites.


Column 1 – shows the legal names of the Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) as to be specified in the establishment order and their constitutions.

Columns 2 and 3 – the entries in these columns describe the area of each ICB using local government areas and LSOAs (Lower Super Output Areas) which are small geographical areas created by the Office for National Statistics following the 2011 census. They are referred to by codes starting E01.

Column 2 – specifies the local government areas which are comprised or wholly contained within the ICB’s area.  The names refer to local government areas for which there is a Lower Tier Local Authority (LTLA) i.e.

  • London boroughs
  • metropolitan boroughs
  • areas for which there is a unitary authority
  • districts where there is a two-tier system (both a county council and district councils).

Column 3 – specifies any additional area included in the area of the ICB, where only part of a LTLA area is within an ICB’s area. These additional areas are specified in terms of LSOAs.


Areas covered by the 42 integrated care boards (and integrated care systems) across England.



ICB constitutions can be found on each ICB’s website with their related governance documents forming a governance handbook. The constitutions can only be amended with the approval of NHS England.