Making it happen: Case finding and risk stratification

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This is one of three handbooks which provide practical support for good long term condition management. They set out the required service components and draw on the latest research, best practice and case studies to show how this can be done.  The handbooks are useful to clinicians designing services and commissioners.

  • Risk stratification and case finding – how to segment a population and provide person-centred care to those most in need recognising resource constraints


This handbook describes current thinking and provides practitioner insights into case finding and risk stratification to support personalised care and support planning. It contains latest advice on issues such as fair processing of data and Information Governance (IG), as well as linking to practical guidance, case studies and theory from organisations who are closely involved in this area.


This paper discusses potential next steps for risk stratification within the NHS and has been produced to be used as an additional resource for the Case Finding and Risk Stratification Long Term Conditions handbook.