Self‐management after prostate cancer treatment: evaluating the feasibility of providing a cognitive and behavioural programme for lower urinary tract symptoms

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Faithfull et al (2010) aimed to test the feasibility of a self-management intervention to help men cope with Lower Urinary Tract symptoms (LUTs) resulting from radiotherapy for prostate cancer.


The participants received a self‐management intervention led by a specialist prostate cancer nurse trained in cognitive‐behavioural techniques. They identified that the provision of such an intervention was feasible within the clinical setting and provided benefits for men. Symptom change versus those of normative recovery values for (International Prostate Symptom Scores) IPSS showed an intervention effect.  The authors suggest that this intervention could be applied in routine practice and recommend that further testing is required in a randomized controlled trial. This pilot study provides data suggesting that a narrowly targeted, cognitive and behavioural self‐management intervention can improve LUTs in men who have had radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer.