10 High Impact Actions: Active signposting – West Wakefield

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Published as part of the General Practice Forward View, the 10 High Impact Actions are a collection of ways to improve workload and improve care through working smarter, not harder.  This case study shows how West Wakefield have used care navigation across six GP surgeries.


Launched in 2014, West Wakefield’s active signposting initiative, care navigation, is designed to connect patients more directly with the most appropriate source of help or advice. It aims to change the assumption that GPs are the first point of care for patients. West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Ltd is responsible for around 65,000 patients across a federation of six busy GP surgeries. However, many of their GPs were finding they were often seeing patients with minor ailments, whose concerns were more relevant to another primary care service or third sector provider. This meant not only that GP hours were being used inefficiently, but that patients were waiting longer to get the care that was right for them.