Martin McShane

Martin McShaneDr Martin McShane is NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Long Term Conditions and Mental Health.

Martin qualified as a doctor in 1981. He trained in general and vascular surgery before electing to enter General Practice. From 1990 until 2004 he was a GP partner in a training practice.

He has previously chaired a Primary Care Group and Professional Executive Committee and was Chief Executive of North Eastern Derbyshire Primary Care Trust from 2004-2006.

From 2006-2012 Martin was Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Strategic Planning and Health Outcomes for NHS Lincolnshire, as well as a member of the National Patient Safety Forum and Vice Chair of East Midlands Specialised Commissioning Group.

He was appointed his new role within the Medical Directorate of NHS England in 2012.

Predicting the health “crimes” before they happen – Dr Martin McShane

In the film Minority Report there is a scene where Tom Cruise stands in front of an interactive screen, filled with random images of future events, to analyse and interpret what is going to happen, so that action can be taken to stop a predictable crime. The NHS remains a highly reactive system where we […]

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This most basic of needs – Dr Martin McShane

I was at a roundtable on how health and care services need to change to meet the needs of people with multiple conditions. We heard from a patient who described the problems he was facing managing his diabetes, the after effects of his cancer care and his respiratory and arthritic problems. And then he said: […]

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Good care needs to be a co-production – Dr Martin McShane

NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Long Term Conditions looks at what co-production means to the Long Term Conditions (LTC) Unit and how it is essential to supporting person-centred care, addressing such difficult issues as personalised care and support planning, information-sharing and workforce skills: Prevention and management of long-term conditions is one of the greatest […]

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Prevent, Protect, Respond: handling more than just fires – Dr Martin McShane

NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Long Term Conditions spent a day looking at a fascinating new partnership between the NHS and the Fire Service, and the new Safe and Well checks our 999 colleagues are carrying out: I started writing this on the train home from Manchester. I arrived in the morning to spend […]

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Owning your care this winter – Dr Martin McShane

NHS England’s National Medical Director for Long Term Conditions outlines the public’s role in helping the NHS get through the pressures of this winter: Someone once suggested to me that talent imitates but genius steals – an antidote to the ‘not invented here’ syndrome. That is why I try and constantly learn about what is […]

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Let’s dispel the myth that “not much can be done” to treat Musculoskeletal disorders – Dr Martin McShane

NHS England’s National Medical Director for Long Term Conditions says a whole system approach is needed for patients with these agonising conditions: Sometimes we don’t appreciate how important something is until we haven’t got it. Musculoskeletal health and mobility is one of those things. There’s nothing like needing to do a series of stretches each […]

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Patients are the experts of self care – Dr Martin McShane

NHS England’s National Medical Director for Long Term Conditions looks at the importance of listening to, working with and helping to empower patients: I was down to present at two conferences recently. The first session was on the challenges of long term condition management. It seemed like a good idea to do this with two […]

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Change is happening for carers – Dr Martin McShane

NHS England recently published an End of Year Progress Summary reviewing progress made on 37 commitments made to carers in May 2014. The Commitments to Carers were based on what carers said was important to them. A good start has been made with 32 commitments completed and others continuing to be monitored. But more work […]

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Diagnosis and treatment for our system of care – Dr Martin McShane

NHS England’s Director for Long Term Conditions, who is among the speakers at the Health+Care Commissioning Show, examines the need for new models of care: William Osler, apart from his eponymous conditions, was famed for his teaching and his aphorisms. One of my favourites is: “Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis”. […]

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Moving beyond a commitment to carers – Dr Martin McShane

As it is Carers’ Week I was reminded through social media this week of a blog I wrote about our commitment to carers last year. It led me to reflect on what progress we have made. It will be impossible, in a blog, to cover everything and all the work that has been going on […]

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