Our site specific groups

Our site specific groups are dedicated to improving cancer care for patients. Each group focuses on a specific type of cancer, or diagnostic test or treatment.

As well as clinical leads, group membership includes other healthcare staff and patient representatives who are involved in the care and treatment of a cancer type. They provide expert advice and guidance on the standards of cancer services.

There are 19 site specific groups. They are:

  • Breast Group
  • Central nervous system and brain network group
  • Chemotherapy group
  • Colorectal network group
  • Clinical nurse specialist haematology group
  • Gynaecology network group
  • Gynaecology clinical nurse specialist group
  • Haematology and lymphoma network group
  • Head and neck group
  • Lung network group
  • Metasatic spinal cord compression, acute oncology service, and cancer of unknown primary network group
  • Paediatric network group
  • Radiotherapy network group
  • Skin network group
  • Specialist palliative care network group
  • Thyroid network group
  • Teenage and young adults network group
  • Upper GI network group
  • Urology network group