Primary care pharmacy advice


This campaign encourages people to access pharmacy services and to speak to their local pharmacist for expert advice.

Resources for this campaign include:

  • long and short website text templates for communication about pharmacies and minor illnesses
  • social media resources (videos, Images, BSL versions and copy)
  • video adverts (full video, cutdowns and BSL version)
  • A3 and A4 posters for minor illnesses (translations available)
  • A3 and A4 posters pharmacist posters (translations available)
  • display screen resources for minor illnesses
  • alternative format leaflet (easy read, large print, audio and BSL)


Primary Care Networks and GP practices can utilise this campaign by doing the following:

  • Publish the long or short website text templates on your website in your news sections or another relevant information hosting area
  • Download and share the social media resources across your social media accounts
  • Print posters for minor illnesses and the pharmacist resources and display them in waiting rooms
  • Consider printing some alternative format leaflets such as the easy-read leaflet and distribute these to relevant patients as required
  • Use the display screen resources on any video displays in public areas of your GP practice sites – consider varying these with the audio and BSL leaflets for accessibility

This campaign is useful for GP practices and Primary Care Networks experiencing high volumes of minor illness-related inquiries.

It is important to remember that the aim of this campaign is not to discourage patients from seeking minor illness treatment, this campaign is about signposting patients to a point of access in the NHS that Is fast, convenient and Appropriate for their level of medical need.

It can be helpful to signpost patients to the NHS service finder, alongside these messages so that they can find a local pharmacy offering NHS services.

You can find more information about what Pharmacy services here.


To access the campaign resources, use this link: Primary Care Pharmacy advice; Resources to communicate pharmacy services

Pharmacy First – NHS ‘Help Us, Help You’- Pharmacy Campaign – (Campaign for pharmacies)