The Routine Dentistry Managed Clinical Network Kent Surrey and Sussex (KSS)

The Routine Dentistry Managed Clinical Network for Kent, Surrey and Sussex (RD MCN) is a clinically-led advisory and assurance group aiming to support the provision of patient centred dental care and to provide a link for all clinicians providing mandatory dental services in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.


  • The aim of the RD MCN is to support the delivery of routine dental care and clinical care pathways.
  • The MCN will provide advice to the LDN on transformational change, improving clinical effectiveness, equity of access, quality of patient care, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and offer parity of outcome in service delivery.
  • The RD MCN will aim to achieve this by working with commissioners, users and clinicians from all settings.


  • To provide clinical leadership and collaborative working for patient benefit.
  • To ensure patient and public involvement in developing care pathways.
  • To improve communication between service providers to benefit patients.
  • To support, develop and implement needs-led and evidence-informed care pathways across primary and secondary care to improve equality and quality in service provision.
  • Work with the LDN to contribute to local planning and prioritization.


All performers delivering routine dentistry in the locality under a contract to provide mandatory dental services have access to the work of the MCN.

The core group membership of the RD MCN KSS comprises:

  • Representation from NHS England
  • Patient / Public / Carer representatives with the support of Healthwatch
  • Local Dental Committee representatives based on STP geography
  • Health Education England representatives
  • Dental Practice Adviser
  • Co-opted members
  • Business Support Officer


  • The RD MCN is accountable to NHS England via the LDN.

Routine Dental Care ToRs – October 2018