Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire PGD downloads

Below are a list of the Patient Group Direction (PGD) documents available to be downloaded for use within Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire . 

These PGDs are complete and contain all the information required to administer a vaccine using a PGD and do not need to be read in conjunction with the core PGD.

Adult Immunisations

Vaccine Expiry date 
NEW – Inactivated influenza vaccine 31/03/2022
Pertussis 31/03/2023
PPV 31/08/2022
Shingrix Herpes Zoster  31/08/2023
Zostavax, shingles (herpes zoster, live)  31/08/2023

Childhood Immunisations

Vaccine Expiry date
NEW – DTaP/IPV 30/11/2023
DTaP/IPV 30/11/2021
DTaP/IPV/Hib/HepB 31/08/2023
Hib/MenC 28/02/2022
HPV  31/08/2023
LAIV nasal spray suspension  31/03/2022
MenB 28/02/2023
MenACWY  31/07/2023
MMR 28/02/2022
PCV 28/02/2022
PCV risk Groups 28/02/2022
Rotavirus 30/06/2023
NEW – Td/IPV (Revaxis) 31/10/2023

Travel Immunisations

Vaccine Expiry date
Hepatitis A 31/10/2023
Hepatitis A/B 31/10/2023
HepA/Typhoid 28/02/2022
Typhoid Vi 28/02/2022

Additional PGDs

Vaccine Expiry date
PGDS related to COVID-19 vaccines Please refer to each PGD
BCG Vaccine AJV 31/08/2023
HepB Renal 30/04/2023
NEW – HebB 31/10/2023
HPV (MSM) 31/03/2022
MebB risk groups 28/02/2023
MenACWY risk groups 28/02/2023