Biomedical Science

Biomedical Scientist Interactive Careers Pathway Guide

Welcome to the Biomedical Scientist Interactive Careers Pathway Guide. This is an interactive careers and information package created by the South West Regional NHS Diagnostics Team, to explain what a Biomedical Scientist (BMS) does, why you might want to be one and how to become a Biomedical Scientist.​

The guide is for school children and college students who want to find out about the job and are considering it as a potential career; for university students and graduates to understand the training pathway (what to study and where) to becoming a Biomedical Scientist; and for existing or returning staff considering career progression or finding out about possible training opportunities. The pack can also be used by managers, to support their staff through their careers and aid recruitment and retention.

The guide introduces you to what a Biomedical Scientist does within the NHS. It is filled with links to websites, videos and other external resources for further information. It shows the current pathways to become a Biomedical Scientist, showcases the wide variety of disciplines in this field and the array of different opportunities available to you by choosing an exciting career in Biomedical Science.​

And if you already are a Biomedical Scientist, then this pack will give you insight into all the potential options available to you for career progression and how to take the next steps in your BMS journey.​

​We hope that you find this information pack useful and it helps lead you to and through a fulfilling career in Biomedical Science.

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