Our Work

The success of the Network relies on the engagement and commitment from the participant members to drive forward agreed outcomes and identify areas for continuous quality improvement.  The work program for 2020/21 was co-designed by the network. The current Network work-stream priorities are focused on the following areas:

  1. Formalise the Network – To be a fully operating and functioning ODN that can deliver the devised work programme. To develop the maturity of the Severn Spinal Network by building on existing infrastructure and relationships to facilitate a regional collaborative approach to supporting spinal services. To continue to grow the network, relationships and joint-working to maximise a shared vision and shared purpose.


  1. Robust governance – To implement a revised network governance structure to establish a stronger framework with the emphasis on better accessibility, oversight and feedback, and ensure ownership of key decisions and actions.


  1. Data & audit – To ensure that we are sharing relevant information across the network and using data and evidence to drive service improvement and improve outcomes, focusing on excellent data entry on the British Spine Registry (BSR).


  1. Digital Strategy – Leverage electronic health records, data and technology to innovate and join up how we provide patient care access across organisational boundaries and support self-care and research.


  1. Policies & Pathways – Achieve local healthcare integration to deliver excellent care with agreed network policies and pathways. Ensuring that the Severn Spinal Network are maximising resources and minimising delays.


  1. Research, Education & Training – A network strategy for training and education to ensure the delivery of safe, effective and high quality care.