South West Adult Critical Care Network

The purpose of the South West Critical Care Network is to provide a high quality, responsive and patient focused service that provides a seamless transition of care for the Critical care patient from ward and acute care and on through to rehabilitation. The South West Critical Care Network consists of key stakeholders from the 16 units in the 12 Acute Trusts in South West England (Weston Area Health Authority merged with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust in April 2020). The Network has seen flexibility in usage of Level 3 and Level 2 beds. This year saw an increase in Critical care services with additional beds opening in Bath. The critical care bed base in the Network currently stands at 253 beds.

In 2020 our priorities have been to support units in Covid 19 by ensuring robust communications, weekly network meetings to share information and development of an Adult Critical Care Transfer Service (Retrieve) for the south west . The network has worked tirelessly to ensure we maintained capacity and developed plans for a better future for critical care patients with the joint working on the need for additional beds across the region.