About Us

Graham Brant – Network Manager and Lead Nurse

Dr Sam Waddy – Network medical lead

Sarah Miller – Network Administrator

Dr Scott Grier – Transfer Lead – developing Retrieve


University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust became host to the South West Critical Care Operational Delivery Network (ODN) in June 2014. They are responsible for employing the ODN team and supporting their roles. Oversight and governance arrangements for the South West Critical Care Network have been provided in partnership with NHS South West Specialised Commissioning.

The South West Critical Care Network (SWCCN) works with NHS providers of critical care, NHSE regional teams and Clinical Commissioning Groups to deliver programmes of work with agreed annual priorities. Throughout 2019/20 SWCCN has worked closely with fellow networks in the NHS England (South) region and with colleagues in Specialised Commissioning to continue a programme of improvement for Critical Care. This collaboration will carry forward into 2020/21. During 2020 we have worked with the SW sub regions of Severn, Peninsula and Wessex (Dorset and Salisbury Hospitals) to deliver the Covid response for critical care.


The Network itself has the following boards/groups:

  • Clinical Effectiveness Group (Network Board)
  • Clinical Lead Group – All Lead Clinicians
  • Nurse Lead Group – All Lead Nurses
  • Therapies Group (Physio, Pharmacy, Dietetics, Speech Therapy and OT)
  • Education Group – Medical and Nursing
  • Outreach Group
  • Research Group – via the CRN
  • Transfer Group – Started in 2019
  • Pharmacy Group – Started in 2019
  • ACCP group – Started in 2019


The networks clinical and governance forum is held three times a year. Here the annual work programme and key quality outcome data are presented and discussed with agreed actions. These are shared with NHSE/I via an oversight arrangement that is taking shape in Autumn 2020. Additional specialist and sub group meetings are convened throughout the year. SWCCN has very active engagement from medical, nurse and therapies professional critical care leads from all critical care units in the South West, fostered through an ongoing programme of unit assurance visits. SWCCN regularly attends national critical care managers, medical and nurse leads groups.

Furthermore Sam Waddy contributes to the national overview and priorities in his role as on the National Critical Care Medical Leads Group and the Clinical Reference Group (CRG). Graham Brant is currently Co –Chair of the National Managers/ Directors Group and sits on the National Board for Directory of Services, Capacity Management at NHS Digital, the National Critical Care Leadership Forum, National Transfer Group and is an active member of the Critical Care National Network Nurses Group (CC3N).