Our Work

Our vision is to be a Network whereby:

  • Patients have equitable access to services regardless of geography
  • Care is provided seamlessly across the Network and its various stages of transition (between locations, services and where there are co-morbidities)
  • High quality care is delivered and participating centres meet national standards of CHD care
  • The provision of high quality information for patients, families, staff and commissioners is supported
  • There is a strong and collective voice for Network stakeholders
  • There is a strong culture of collaboration and action to continually improve services

The Network’s key objectives are:

  • To provide strategic direction for CHD care across South Wales and the South West
  • To monitor and drive improvements in quality of care
  • To support the delivery of equitable, timely access for patients
  • To support improvements in patient and family experience
  • To support the education, training and development of the workforce within the Network
  • To be a central point of information and communication for Network stakeholders
  • To ensure it can demonstrate the value of the Network and its activities