Dementia Training Videos for Primary Care

The South West Mental Health Clinical Network have produced a series of short training videos, aimed at GPs, on dementia. The purpose of these videos is to upskill and build upon existing knowledge of dementia to provide confidence to those involved in supporting patients who may be concerned, going through tests or for those who have been diagnosed with dementia.

These videos are presented by Dr Peter Bagshaw, a GP based in Somerset who is also the Clinical Lead for Dementia for the South West Mental Health Clinical Network and the Clinical Lead for Mental Health and Dementia at Somerset CCG. As a GP for over 30 years, Dr Bagshaw is passionate about improving dementia care and in the past has led service redesigns for dementia alongside sitting on the national Improvement and Assessment Framework dementia expert panel.


Dementia – Why it matters 

This video looks at the impact dementia has, the importance of diagnosis and dementia subtypes.



Diagnosing Dementia in Primary Care 

This video focusses on diagnosing dementia in primary care. It touches on the importance of a diagnosis, how to diagnose in primary care and post-diagnostic support.



Mild Cognitive Impairment 

This video looks at how mild cognitive impairment is different to dementia, but the importance of diagnosing and regularly reviewing this cohort of patients as they are at risk of developing dementia.



Risk Reduction and Prevention in Dementia 

This video looks at modifiable risk factors in dementia, focussing particularly on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.



Medication in Dementia 

This video outlines the use of medication in dementia including a guide of drugs to use and not to use.



Supporting People Living with Dementia 

This video delves into the support people living with dementia, touching on local support, medication and GP friendly surgeries.


Dementia GP Training videos – References