Overall Patient Experience Scores: 2014 Community Mental Health Survey

Today NHS England has published the latest statistical information on patients’ experience of care in the NHS. This is an update to include results from the 2014 Community Mental Health survey.

Further supporting information, including a methodology statement, is available for this series and can be found in the patient experience statistics series.

The Community Mental Health survey questionnaire has been substantially redeveloped and updated for 2014. The new questionnaire has been designed to reflect changes in policy, best practice and patterns of service. This means that the results from the 2014 survey are not comparable with the results from the surveys carried out between 2010 and 2013.

More information about the survey redevelopment is available in the Development Report published by the Coordination Centre for the NHS Patient Survey Programme.

The overall patient experience scores for community mental health services have been updated to reflect the changes to the survey, details are available in our change notification document:

The 2014 survey involved 57 NHS trusts in England. Responses were received from over 13,500 patients with a response rate of 29%.

We have published a diagnostic tool, designed to help NHS managers and the general public understand what feeds in to the overall scores and how scores vary across individual NHS organisations.

To access more detailed information go to our Supporting Information pages