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The Overall Patient Experience Scores (OPES) series of statistics has been discontinued. Users wanting to understand patients’ overall experience of the services previously covered by OPES should reference the published Care Quality Commissioning Surveys (CQC) which contain the latest results and trends in experience:


If you have any questions then please contact england.feedback-data@nhs.net

The Overall Patient Experience Scores were a statistical series measuring overall patient views of care and services provided by the NHS. The statistics were composite scores constructed using results taken from the NHS Patient Survey Programme (specifically the Inpatient, Outpatient, Community Mental Health and Accident & Emergency surveys).

Past Publications

2019 Community Mental Health Survey

2018 Urgent and Emergency Care Survey

2018 Adult Inpatient Survey

2018 Community Mental Health Survey

2017 Adult Inpatient Survey

2017 Community Mental Health Survey

2016 Emergency Department Survey

2016 Adult Inpatient Survey

2016 Community Mental Health Survey

2015 Adult Inpatient Survey

2015 Community Mental Health Survey

2014 Adult Inpatient Survey

2014 Accident & Emergency Survey

2014 Community Mental Health Survey

2013 Adult Inpatient Survey

2013 Community Mental Health Survey

Guidance and documentation

Tools for understanding patient experience

The previous version of the Diagnostic Tool based on OPES can be accessed below:

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