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The Overall Patient Experience Scores are a statistical series measuring overall patient views of care and services provided by the NHS. The statistics are composite scores constructed using results taken from the NHS Patient Survey Programme (specifically the Inpatient, Outpatient, Community Mental Health and Accident & Emergency surveys), which are published separately but on the same day by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The scores are calculated the same way each year so that the experience of NHS users can be compared over time.

Documentation here is specific to the Overall Patient Experience Scores. For further corporate information on all statistics published by NHS England please see our code of practice guidance.

For information relating to the series prior to April 2013, when the production and publication of this statistical series was overseen by the Department of Health, please see the Department of Health and Social Care website.

The next publication of the Overall Patient Experience Scores for the 2019 Adult Inpatient Survey update has been suspended due to COVID-19 work pressures. If you have any questions then please contact england.feedback-data@nhs.net

Latest update

These are the latest Overall Patient Experience Scores for England, updated for the

2019 Community Mental Health Survey

Previous updates

These are the Overall Patient Experience Scores for England following the publications for:

2018 Urgent and Emergency Care Survey

2018 Adult Inpatient Survey

2018 Community Mental Health Survey

2017 Adult Inpatient Survey

2017 Community Mental Health Survey

2016 Emergency Department Survey

2016 Adult Inpatient Survey

2016 Community Mental Health Survey

2015 Adult Inpatient Survey

2015 Community Mental Health Survey

2014 Adult Inpatient Survey

2014 Accident & Emergency Survey

2014 Community Mental Health Survey

2013 Adult Inpatient Survey

2013 Community Mental Health Survey

Guidance and documentation

The United Kingdom Statistics Authority (UKSA) has designated the Overall Patient Experience Scores as National Statistics, in accordance with the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007, signifying compliance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. The following documents provide further information about how NHS England addresses the requirements of the code.

Designation as National Statistics can be broadly interpreted to mean that the statistics:

  • meet identified user needs
  • are well explained and readily accessible
  • are produced according to sound methods
  • are managed impartially and objectively in the public interest

Once statistics have been designated as National Statistics it is a statutory requirement that the Code of Practice shall continue to be observed.

Tools for understanding patient experience

NHS England provides a Diagnostic Tool to help NHS managers and the general public understand what feeds in to the overall scores, and to see how scores vary across individual NHS organisations. You can access the Tool by going to:

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For further information about the published statistics, please contact us at:

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Email: england.feedback-data@nhs.net

NHS England will continue to make sure that the statistics meet the needs of people who use them. For more information on how we intend to do this please go to: