Action to cut sales of sugary drinks

NHS England has responded to the proposed action to reduce the sales of sugar sweetened drinks on NHS premises.

In November 2016 we launched a public consultation to garner opinion on the proposed action to reduce the sale of sugar sweetened drinks on NHS premises.

The consultation sought the views of individuals and organisations which could be affected by the proposed actions within the consultation, or that have a particular interest in the scope of it. Specifically, this included patients (and their representatives), NHS staff, NHS organisations, vendors of sugar-sweetened beverages on NHS premises, and organisations with relevant expertise in the improvement of employee/public health and wellbeing.

There were 480 responses to the 11 week consultation. Respondents supported some of our plans, challenged some and made alternative suggestions.

In addition to the options consulted upon, in both formal responses and the engagement events, we heard considerable interest from suppliers in pursuing an alternative third approach of a voluntary scheme.

In light of what we heard, we will now proceed with a twin track approach.

We would like to thank those who contributed their thoughts and suggestions during the process.

View the consultation response

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