FolksLab toolkit

We have developed the FolksLab Toolkit to help staff in the health and care system to run effective and practical workshops. The aim is to tackle challenges and drive improvements in services, with potential gains in staff time and efficiency.

Background to FolksLab

Originally a Swedish concept, FolksLab is a proven method to help organisations and teams to identify new solutions to specific problems in a way that is rapid, creative and accessible, removing barriers to participation. The new toolkit is based on experiences of delivering FolksLab workshops specifically in NHS and healthcare settings.

There are no presentations or formal input in a FolksLab workshop. It is a guided process that enables staff and patients to work through a problem, offer their own perspectives and come up with new and fresh solutions. It uses a range of materials to give the workshop a practical approach.

The FolksLab Toolkit

The toolkit contains a number of resources that will enable you to deliver your own workshop:

  1. Learning objectives
  2. Marketing materials
  3. List of suggested creative materials to use
  4. PowerPoint presentation & facilitator guide
  5. Participation worksheet
  6. Evaluation template
  7. Next steps
  8. Accreditation.

For an overview of the toolkit, please read our FolksLab Toolkit Guide. If you decide you’d like to run your own local workshop, please email and we’ll email you the full toolkit. If you also include details of your session we may be able to help you promote it.