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Publishing of Staffing Data

NHS England Yesterday issued a letter to Trusts about doing a stock take of progress against commitments regarding the publishing of staffing data. This follows guidance issued by NHS England and the Care Quality Commission on 31 March 2014.  The guidance outlined a number of milestones for this first phase, focusing on all inpatient areas including […]

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NHS News: Issue 53

Publications gateway reference: 01546 Quality Premium: development of additional mental health indicators NHS England is welcoming suggestions for future mental health measures in the Quality Premium. The Premium rewards clinical commissioning groups for improvements in the quality of the services that they commission and for associated improvements in health outcomes and reducing inequalities. Ideas for […]

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NHS waiting times published today

Dr Barbara Hakin, Chief Operating Officer, NHS England, said: “The NHS does face a challenge on the 18-week standard but staff are working incredibly hard to ensure patients are seen quickly. “The figures published today show that in February we failed to meet the standard on the number of patients who were admitted for their […]

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Bulletin for CCGs: Issue 57, 17 April 2014

Gateway reference number: 01412   Download the bulletin as a PDF   Contents   NHS Commissioning Assembly News: NHS Commissioning Assembly – membership expansion NHS Commissioning Assembly- story so far System Leadership Peer Challenge: Recruiting now Strategic issues: Successful PM Challenge Fund Pilots Announced Further support to strategic planning: Webinars Quality Premium 2013/14: eligibility and […]

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NHS England agrees funding for life-saving hepatitis C drug

NHS England has approved an £18.7 million investment in a new drug for the treatment of hepatitis C. Around 500 patients with acute liver failure, and/or awaiting liver transplantation, are expected to benefit from the decision to fund Sofosbuvir. The hepatitis C virus causes inflammation of the liver, affecting its ability to function. Whilst many […]

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Inclusion and diversity are the future of the NHS – Kirstie Stott

Kirstie Stott, an NHS Graduate Management Trainee, explains how listening to the views of others can unlock the secret to a better National Health Service: I was recently asked to speak at an event about future NHS leadership.  I was keen to do this as I feel that being part of the future I have […]

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The blind men and the governance elephant – Nicola King

Nicola King, NHS England’s Head of Commissioning Skills for the Commissioning Development Directorate, uses a parable to highlight the work being done to help CCGs:   THE parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant appears in Buddhist, Jain, Hindu and Sufi teachings.  John Godfrey Saxe (1816-1887) set down the story as a poem in […]

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Patient safety alert on residual anaesthetic drugs in cannulae and intravenous lines

A patient safety alert has been issued today (14 April 2014) by NHS England on residual anaesthetic drugs in cannulae and intravenous lines leading to cardiac or respiratory arrest. The alert has been issued to all NHS services hospitals and community services in England that undertake surgery or other investigations and procedures using anaesthesia. Since […]

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We have exciting times ahead!

Dr Peter Melton, co-chair of the NHS Commissioning Assembly, shares his aspirations for the group of leaders tasked with improving outcomes for patients The NHS Commissioning Assembly was born out of a vision to develop a community of commissioning leaders – the ‘one team’ that would work together to focused on improving outcomes for patients. […]

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