CCG outcomes indicator set

The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set provides clear, comparative information for CCGs, Health and Wellbeing Boards, local authorities, patients and the public about the quality of health services commissioned by CCGs and the associated health outcomes. The indicators are useful for CCGs and Health and Wellbeing Boards in identifying local priorities for quality improvement and to demonstrate progress that local health systems are making on outcomes.

CCG Outcomes Indicator Set measures are developed from NHS Outcomes Framework indicators that can be measured at clinical commissioning group level together with additional indicators developed by NICE and the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

All of the CCG outcomes indicators have been chosen on the basis that they contribute to the overarching aims of the five domains in the NHS Outcomes Framework. The Indicator Set does not in itself set thresholds or levels of ambition for CCGs, it is intended as a tool for CCGs to drive local improvement and set priorities.

CCG Outcomes Indicator Set 2014/15

CCG Outcomes Indicator Set 2013/14

The existing 2013/14 CCG Outcomes Indicator Set and supporting documents can be found below.

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  1. Sam Rodgers says:

    I have been using the ccg outcomes indicators files from the NHS indicators site and have found some inconsistencies between the csv files.

    Firstly the values for years are formatted differently between the different indicator csv files. One file will use ’2011′, another will use ’1112′ and yet another will use ’2011/2012′. This is frustrating if you are writing code to handle the data. Can I put in a request for consistency in how data is recorded between files, particularly dates?

    Secondly indicator 3.3 needs to be broken out into separate csv files for each of the sub indicators a through d. Every other file contains a single indicator yet this one contains 4.

  2. Keith Goodall says:

    I am a new NHS Ambassador for Hullccg. I would like assistance and support how can I best gain knowledge from the NHS webpages and sites to best help me as an NHS Ambassador a reply to my email address would be very much appreciated.
    Yours faithfully,
    Keith Goodall.

  3. Lynne Kilner says:

    Jon- agree. I also think it would be helpful to use the national dataset of stage of diagnosis to help deduce whether the treatment/outcome was as could be reasonably expected. Connects the conversations to LA/public health role around earlier diagnosis as part of the pathway view you suggest.

  4. Jonathan Miller says:

    One and five year survival should be at provider level.This enables the clear identificaiton of how well a provider (and its referring GPs) are doing. If done at LA or CCG level it is often difficult to work idntifiy whihc provider should be challenged. The basis for calculation should be hosptial that fist sees patients (even if they do not provide all treatment) as this will ancho the pathway and all providers of the pathway can be engaged.