Resources for integrated care

To join up health and care services, partners across local systems will need to work together in new and different ways. National health and care bodies are working closely with all areas to support them to do this.

Below are some useful information and tools for local teams to use as they develop their proposals for system change.

Breaking down barriers to better health and care

Find out more about how we are moving from fragmented services to local partnerships and integrated care systems in order to meet the health needs of our population in this guide.

Integrated care videos

Visit the NHS England YouTube playlist for videos which showcase examples of how systems are integrating care to improve the lives of patients.

Evaluating change – an analytic resource for STPs and ICSs

Local system transformation programmes can apply to have their initiatives evaluated by the Improvement Analytics Unit. The Unit uses robust statistical methods to determine what impact local change initiatives are having on care and efficiency.

The Improvement Analytics Unit is run jointly by NHS England and the Health Foundation.

Find out more about how to apply for an evaluation.

No hospital is an island – learning from the acute care collaborations

This report covers the  learning from 13 acute care collaborations that were established in September 2015 as part of the new care models programme. It highlights six common strategies that have emerged, including the way clinical practices are being standardised; how vanguards are making better use of clinical support services; and how the skills of healthcare professionals are being used more creatively and flexibly.

Engaging local people – a guide for local areas developing STPs (Last updated June 2017)

This document is for teams developing plans to improve health and care in each of the STPs and the statutory organisations that form part of them. It clarifies expectations on stakeholder involvement, in particular patient and public participation, and  legal duties around engagement and consultation. Read the press release.

‘Where to look’ commissioning data for STPs

These packs contain data from the CCG Commissioning for Value ‘Where to look’ packs, but collated at STP instead of CCG level. The information in these packs includes headline opportunities, improvement opportunity tables and pathways on a page showing how CCGs in each STP differ from their peers.

Indicative STP funding allocations (May 2016)

Place-based funding allocations for the period 2016/17 to 2020/21 were published in January, comprising CCG allocations, primary care medical allocations and specialised services allocations.

Separate additional funding has been identified and initially held at a national level for the Sustainability and Transformation Fund, and other elements of transformation such as primary care.

In order to support STP footprints in developing plans for their areas in 2020/21, this note sets out, on an indicative basis, the total additional funding which could be available in 2020/21 from all sources. This includes a proportionate element of the sustainability fund, and of those transformation funds expected to be made available for local investment and services. This was intended to give an early sense of the potential additional resources which could be available.