Resources for integrated care

To join up health and care services, partners across local systems will need to work together in new and different ways. National health and care bodies are working closely with all areas to support them to do this.

Below are some useful information and tools for local teams to use as they develop their proposals for system change.

Breaking down barriers to better health and care

Find out more about how we are moving from fragmented services to local partnerships and integrated care systems in order to meet the health needs of our population in this guide.

Designing integrated care systems (ICSs) in England

An overview on the arrangements needed to build strong health and care systems across the country. This guide sets out the different levels of management that make up an integrated care system, describing their core functions, the rationale behind them and how they will work together.

Strengthening relationships across systems

A new support offer for health, care, and voluntary, community and social enterprise sector leaders has been launched to provide practical help with developing the relationships needed to transform health and care systems.

Jointly funded by NHS England and the National Lottery Community Fund, the offer – which is free to access – includes bespoke support, workshops, online resources, coaching and peer support. Find out how we can support you.

Integrated care videos and case studies

Visit the NHS England YouTube playlist for videos which showcase examples of how systems are integrating care to improve the lives of patients.

For further insight, head to our case studies section to explore integrated care in action.

System support offer database

We have compiled this index of the different types of support currently offered by NHS England, NHS Improvement and other national bodies such as Health Education England and the Local Government Association.

Our aim is to connect systems, providers and individuals with organisations that offer support for system working, and to link systems with relevant support to improve health and care in an effective and sustainable way.

The database summarises each support offer and contact details for the team that provides it. It is updated regularly to reflect changes and additions.

This database is hosted on the FutureNHS platform and can be accessed by any FutureNHS user at If you do not have access, please email

System transformation diagnostic – ‘bronze level’

In conjunction with regional teams, we have also jointly developed system transformation diagnostic reports nationally for every STP and integrated care system. These ‘bronze level’ diagnostics enable systems to look beyond organisational boundaries and bring together information regarding all components of health and care. They are designed to support all systems to review current and future work plans, to ensure planning truly reflects the needs of the local population.

Each diagnostic report includes analysis and interpretation of multiple sources of information and datasets including NHS Rightcare, NHS Digital, Model Hospital, Continuing Healthcare, Emergency Care Intensive Support Team dashboard, operational productivity, local government, strategic finance and many more. They identify three main high-impact areas where system level focus could improvement outcomes and performance, which should be used alongside other qualitative data sources such as the sustainability and transformation plan, Better Care Fund and local population health and wellbeing reports.

Our aim is that local teams can validate current plans using this analysis and, where necessary, refine their thinking to include new areas of focus. The findings should be used in the development of 2019/20 operational plans and considered when developing long-term financial plans.

For further information about these resources, if you have any questions or want to discuss any additional support to meet local needs, please email