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People have a say on the future of the NHS – Victor Adebowale

The future of the NHS lies in it belonging to the people, designing services they understand and can use requires them to be fully involved in decisions we make. To make this a reality we need to be brave about being radical. On Thursday the 18th of September the NHS England Board and senior managers […]

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Listening to important questions – Jane Cummings

There have been disturbing accounts in the media of nurses discussing end of life care with elderly patients in a blunt and impersonal way, particularly patients’ wishes concerning resuscitation. This morning I spoke to Roy Lilley, who described the experience his mother had. It was not good, upsetting and should not have happened. As a […]

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The new Congenital Heart Disease review: 29th update – John Holden

Your feedback We have been asked how, in our analysis of CHD activity, we have taken account of specific factors that may affect future demand for CHD services. Over the last year, we have spoken to clinicians and to our advisory groups, read the relevant literature, and carried out some statistical analysis to shed light […]

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Commissioning for quality: views from commissioners – Dr Paul Husselbee

A new interactive web resource has been launched to support CCGs on commissioning high quality services that deliver improved outcomes for patients. Dr Paul Husselbee, Chief Clinical Officer of NHS Southend CCG gives his view: “High quality care for all, now and for future generations” – This is the very least the public deserves from […]

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The new Congenital Heart Disease review: 28th update – John Holden

It’s a short blog this week, reflecting the fact that there have not been lots of meetings, with all the associated paperwork that is the staple diet of the usual blog. Instead, we have been focused on preparing for the 25 July 2014 event which brings together all our engagement and advisory groups; developing a […]

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Better care of older people starts with communication and integration – John Young

Professor John Young is a geriatrician and National Clinical Director for the Frail Elderly and Integration, NHS England. It’s widely recognised that our health and care system is poorly configured and organised to deliver acceptable care to its majority user, older people. Older people are not a category separate from their fellow citizens. They equally […]

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The new Congenital Heart Disease review: 27th update – John Holden

Your feedback We’ve been asked about feedback from the Trust visits (led by Professor Deirdre Kelly, at the invitation of the Clinicians’ Group) and whether there will be a write-up on individual units. The answer is that we will not publish any commentary on individual units, nor will we use the visits to drive decisions […]

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Alistair Burns’ video blog on the ambitions for the dementia services going forward.

NHS England’s Dementia Director, Professor Alistair Burns, has posted a video blog on the ambitions for services going forward. He makes the target clear: that by next year two-thirds of the estimated number of people with dementia should have a diagnosis and post diagnostic support. Professor Burns explains that current rates of diagnosis are relatively […]

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NHS Change Day – An unmitigated success – Dr Damien Roland

Dr Damien Roland, Consultant and Lecturer of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, on Given the pressures of resource, expectation and scrutiny the NHS rarely gets a chance to be proud of itself. This shouldn’t be the case but often staff can feel there is little light at the end of the […]

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