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Inclusion and diversity are the future of the NHS – Kirstie Stott

Kirstie Stott, an NHS Graduate Management Trainee, explains how listening to the views of others can unlock the secret to a better National Health Service: I was recently asked to speak at an event about future NHS leadership.  I was keen to do this as I feel that being part of the future I have […]

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The blind men and the governance elephant – Nicola King

Nicola King, NHS England’s Head of Commissioning Skills for the Commissioning Development Directorate, uses a parable to highlight the work being done to help CCGs:   THE parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant appears in Buddhist, Jain, Hindu and Sufi teachings.  John Godfrey Saxe (1816-1887) set down the story as a poem in […]

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We have exciting times ahead!

Dr Peter Melton, co-chair of the NHS Commissioning Assembly, shares his aspirations for the group of leaders tasked with improving outcomes for patients The NHS Commissioning Assembly was born out of a vision to develop a community of commissioning leaders – the ‘one team’ that would work together to focused on improving outcomes for patients. […]

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The new Congenital Heart Disease review: 21st update – John Holden

Your feedback In response to interest expressed by all three of our engagement and advisory groups (Providers, Clinicians and Patient & Public), we are planning to organise a joint meeting of these groups and the review team are currently working to find an acceptable date for this meeting. We will let you know as soon […]

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Improving health and patient care through community pharmacy: a call to action – what now? – Clare Howard

Clare Howard, NHS England’s Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, outlines the next steps for the Improving Health and Patient Care through Community Pharmacy – a call to action which has received a hugely positive response: The Improving Health and Patient Care through Community Pharmacy – a call to action closed on 18th March. But in many ways […]

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Create clarity for clinicians and ensure patient enpowerment – Dr Steve Lloyd

Dr Steve Lloyd, GP and Chair of Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group, reflects on conflict of interest inherent in commissioning of services and the need to access the true patient voice.    Governance and clinicians While clinicians understand that governance and risk are important, there is a prevailing ennui and sense that it does not involve them […]

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Dental care call to action – the response so far – Barry Cockcroft

Barry Cockcroft CBE, NHS England’s Chief Dental Officer, gives an update:  World Oral Health Day, with the theme of celebrating healthy smiles, coincided with the end of the first month of NHS England’s national engagement Improving Dental Care and Oral Health – A Call to Action. This is a good time to take stock of […]

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It could be you! – Colin Royle

In another intensely personal and moving blog carer Colin Royle talks about his experiences of looking after his dad, Malcolm, who has dementia: The jackpot for the Euromillions lottery was a staggering £92 million, and I still haven’t checked my ticket.  I’m not sure I want to check it just yet either. I guess I’m […]

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