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The new Congenital Heart Disease review: 39th update – John Holden

I am pleased to announce the publication of the independent report ‘Consultation on draft standards and service specifications for the congenital heart disease service‘ which has been produced by Dialogue by Design. The report has been published on Dialogue by Design’s website. This is an important step in our work to develop standards to improve […]

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Putting patient safety reports at the heart of safe care in General Practice – Dr Martyn Diaper

As NHS England launches a new reporting e-form specifically developed for GP staff, Martyn Diaper, NHS England’s Head of Patient Safety (Primary Care), and a practising GP, explains the importance of reporting in patient safety. Since the NHS’ national patient safety incident database – the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) – was launched over a […]

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Experiencing culture – Jane Cummings

The five millionth piece of feedback has been gathered from the Friends and Family Test (FFT). Surveys, FFT, patient opinion websites, patient and carer feedback all play a part in helping us see care from the perspective of patients, their families and carers. I want to focus on three areas where I think there is more […]

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Care in the future: functions and form – Dr Martin McShane

NHS England’s Director for Patients with Long Term Conditions, Dr Martin McShane, is among the speakers at the Future of the NHS Conference 2015 being held in Manchester. Here he examines how care must change to cope with a growing and ageing population: Let’s consider some facts… Before the age of 40, currently, the population […]

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The honour of compassionate care – Jane Cummings

I am proud to be part of a profession which connects with individuals, families and communities at times of joy in their lives, as well as vulnerable and difficult times. Our profession plays a vital role in the life of the nation. It is an honour and a privilege to provide compassionate care in busy, […]

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The ABC of Dementia – Alistair Burns

Professor Alistair Burns is NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Dementia. Here he explores the challenges and opportunities doctors can face in caring for patients with dementia. Dementia is a challenge for everyone. It affects about 800,000 people in the UK, a number which is set to double in the next thirty years. The number […]

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