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Combining innovations: NHS test beds and Formula One – Dr Mahiben Maruthappu

The co-founder of the NHS Innovation Accelerator looks at how the NHS can learn from the world of motorsport: When it comes to innovation in British healthcare, three truths are frequently forgotten: First, the NHS is unique. In England it serves over 53 million people, with around one million patient contacts every 36 hours. It […]

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Improving dementia care: CQUINS and Enhanced Services – Professor Alistair Burns

The national dementia CQUIN (Commissioning for Quality and Innovation) is now in its fourth year and has had a positive and wide ranging impact on the profile of dementia in general hospitals. The focus on case finding has evolved since the first year of its inception to encompass more emphasis for the support of clinical leadership, the […]

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Rolling thunder – Jane Dwelly

Ask me what Expo is and you get the elevator pitch. I’ll tell you that Expo is essential for people who feel strongly about improving health and care, it speaks to people who want to use new ideas, inspirations and technologies to make things better for patients and those who serve them. It’s a talking […]

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End of Life and Palliative Care in England: Getting it right – Laura Tooley

As Programme Lead at West Midlands Strategic Clinical Networks and Clinical Senate, Laura Tooley highlights national guidance and invites us to consider our role in this emotive yet important area of care. It seems a long time ago now that the 2008 End of Life Care Strategy (DH) was published. Seven years on we have […]

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Realising the value of engaging people in their own health and care – Pritti Mehta

Work on implementing the NHS Five Year Forward View (FYFV) is happening at pace and all eyes are now on the New Models of Care programme with the recent launch of the Vanguard sites. And the Integrated Personal Commissioning demonstrators are moving from planning to delivery. There’s real energy, commitment and passion, which is fantastic to […]

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One giant step for NHS Citizen – Tim Kelsey

The NHS Citizen project has reached its initial aim – developing a design for how NHS England can improve citizen participation and accountability. This design is a huge step forward for NHS England. As we have said before, the NHS is more than a care-and-repair organisation; it is a social movement. It relies not just […]

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Personal Health Budgets are not all about the money – Jo Fitzgerald

In a moving and intensely personal blog, mother Jo Fitzgerald explains how a personal health budget helped build relationships with healthcare professionals that enabled her severely disabled son Mitchell to not only lead a good life, but also experience a good death: A few weeks ago my beautiful, precious son died; it was perfect. That […]

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The opportunities of person-centred care and support – Martin Routledge

In the second half of his two-part blog Martin Routledge, Director of the Coalition for Collaborative Care, poses a question: So, what else can we all do to make sure that Vanguards and IPC help light the blue touch paper for person-centred care rather than fizzling out like a damp squib? I have read a […]

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