Wave 2 authorisation applications received

The authorisation process for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) is on schedule, with the receipt on 3 September of applications from CCGs in wave 2.

All 67 proposed CCGs in the second wave have submitted their applications to the NHS Commissioning Board Authority, which is responsible for supporting the development of CCGs as they move through authorisation. The authorisation process has been designed to ensure that CCGs are able to commission safely, use their budgets responsibly and exercise their functions to improve quality, reduce inequality and deliver improved outcomes.
Dame Barbara Hakin, National Director: Commissioning Development at the Board Authority, said:

“As we move towards April 2013 it’s excellent news that the CCG authorisation process remains on track with all the proposed CCGs in wave 2 submitting their applications in full and on time. Once again I would like to thank the CCGs and their member practices for their time and commitment as they prepare to take on their responsibilities as safe and effective commissioning organisations.”

All four of the authorisation waves are equal and there is no difference between CCGs in wave one or wave four in terms of competence. Proposed CCGs in each wave will continue to develop throughout the year as they take on increasing responsibilities.

The outcomes of wave 2 are due to be considered by the NHS Commissioning Board in December 2012, while waves 3 and 4 are due to submit their applications in October and November respectively.

The full list of authorisation waves is available here.

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  1. James says:

    I was of the understanding that confirmation of Wave 2 CCGs was due for release at the beginning of January, but so far cannot see that an announcement has been made. Does anybody have any further information on the situation?
    Many thanks.

    • Simon@NHS CB says:

      Hi James
      Thank you for your comment. The Board’s authorisation sub-committee for wave 2 will be held on the 18th January 2013, and the announcement will be published a few days after that.
      Kind regards

      Digital Communications Officer
      NHS Commissioning Board