Transforming Participation in Health and Care, Guidance for Commissioners

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 introduced significant amendments to the NHS Act 2006. This guidance supports two legal duties, requiring clinical commissioning groups and commissioners in NHS England to enable:

  • patients and carers to participate in planning, managing and making decisions about their care and treatment through the services they commission
  • the effective participation of the public in the commissioning process itself, so that services reflect the needs of local people.

Transforming Participation in Health and Care has been developed by NHS England with a wide range of stakeholders and partners and its purpose is to support commissioners to improve individual and public participation and to better understand and respond to the needs of the communities they serve.

It highlights a range of ways in which NHS commissioners can fulfil their statutory responsibilities and seize the opportunity to deliver personalised and responsive care to all. It includes a wide range of tools, resources and case studies that commissioners will find useful when developing their own responses.

The guidance is a starting point and we will be working with partners to develop further resources to support commissioners to develop their approaches to both individual and public participation. We would really like to hear your feedback and to know how people are using the guidance and what else you would useful.  Over the coming months we will be working with partners to develop further resources to support commissioners to develop their local approach to transforming participation.

Please do contact us if you would like to be involved with this or have questions. For more information please contact

The document is in interactive pdf format. To navigate, use the arrow buttons on either side of each page or locate a specific section using the tool bars within the document.


  1. Elijah O. Ombongi says:

    I would like to be involved in working with the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire CCG and other partners in developing the resources needed to support the commissioners to develop the local approach to transforming participation in healthcare in Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Region.

  2. Wolfgang Hamann says:

    Reg: Statutory recognition of Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)
    At local level, practices have encouraged the setting up of PPGs. In North Hampshire and Farnham PPGs have established a parent PPG which actively communicates with the CCG. The value of this group is that truly local and independent information and feedback are made available to the the CCG. Contrary to Health Watch and other advisory bodies, PPGs have no statutory standing. For both sides , CCGs as well as PPGs, statutory definition of the position of PPGs would be helpful. Will this happen?