NHS England publishes interim commissioning policies for non-specialised services

NHS England has today published 37 nationally consistent commissioning policies as part of its role as a direct commissioner for some non-specialised services.

The policies, which are interim at this stage, are of particular benefit to the armed forces and health and justice populations as members of these communities, particularly serving armed forces personnel and their families, are subject to changes in location which may disrupt the provision of their healthcare.

They have been selected from a much longer list of policies, as being those of most relevance to these communities, and are based on existing policies used by the former Primary Care Trusts and the newly formed Clinical Commissioning Groups. They have been subject to thorough review, involving clinical nursing and medical staff, as well as area team, regional and national commissioners.

All of the policies will be subject to further review by NHS England’s Clinical Reference Groups, and will be subject to full public consultation next year.

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  1. Bob Parker says:

    How does this fit with the current work on clinical commissioing guidance being produced by the Royal College of Surgeons England and the Surgical Specialist Associations who have been leaqding on the development of pathways for specific conditions that are NICE Evidence accredited