NHS England publishes first Annual Report and Accounts

NHS England has published its first Annual Report and Accounts today setting out its achievements in the last year and its aspiration for 2014/15.

The report features key milestones since its inception in April 2013, the annual accounts and a Directors’ report.

In his introduction Chief Executive Simon Stevens, who took over at NHS England in April, says it is a major transition that two thirds of our health service funding is now entrusted to local groups of family doctors and other clinicians. He also says our patients’ needs and preferences are changing and legacy models of care are losing their relevance.

He says: “We want to see an NHS that is more flexible, more adaptable, where national and local thinking converge to create different clinically and financially sustainable paths for particular communities.”

Download a copy of the full report here: National Health Service Commissioning Board: Annual Report and Accounts 2013 – 14.

Other information on the governance of NHS England can be found here.