NHS England has issued Invitation to Tender (ITT) Stage 1 documentation

Following on from the recent publication of a NHS Genomic Medicine Centres Prospectus on 3rd July 2014, NHS England has today issued ITT Stage 1 documentation.

The process for the procurement of wave one of the NHS Genomic Medicine Centres is split into two stages. The first stage, which this document relates to, is a pre-qualification exercise. This is designed to allow NHS England to assess each applicant’s previous experience that is relevant to the project with the intention of selecting all those eligible to take part in the second stage of this procurement process.

Trusts who wish to apply for NHS Genomic Medicine Centres status should complete the application form (Annex 3) and submit their applications to by 5pm, 29 August.

The Frequently asked questions document has been produced as a result of questions that have been submitted by potential providers following publication of the NHS Genomic Medicine Centre Prospectus and NHS Genomic Medicine Centre ITT Stage 1 document.

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