Better Care Fund planning update

Please note a number of technical amendments have been made to the Part 2 plan template that was released on 25 July. The new template is available here, and any old versions should be discarded. A macro is also available for download for areas who have already started their Part 2 plans to avoid having to start again. A summary of what has changed is contained within the spreadsheet.

A number of webinars are being arranged this week to support areas with the Better Care Fund (BCF) planning. Details are below.

  • Webinar 1 (Overview of new guidance and revised ‘ask’ for updated plans): 11am to 12pm, Thursday 7 August
  • Webinar 2 (Technical discussion on Part 2 template focusing on finance and metrics): 10am to 11am, Friday 8 August
  • Webinar 3 (An introduction to basic techniques on modelling costs and benefits): 2pm to 3pm, Friday 8 August

Please see our BCF webinar page for more details on how to join these webinars.