Better Care Fund

The Better Care Fund (BCF) is a programme spanning both the NHS and local government which seeks to join-up health and care services, so that people can manage their own health and wellbeing, and live independently in their communities for as long as possible.

The BCF has been created to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society, placing them at the centre of their care and support, and providing them integrated health and social care services, resulting in an improved experience and better quality of life.

A committed, cross-cutting partnership

The BCF represents a unique collaboration between NHS England, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the Local Government Association. The four partners work closely together to help local areas plan and implement integrated health and social care services across England, in line with the vision outlined in the Long Term Plan.

One of the most ambitious programmes ever introduced across the NHS and local government, the BCF encourages integration by requiring CCGs and local authorities to enter into pooled budgets arrangements and agree an integrated spending plan. In 2019-20, £6.4 billion was pooled in the BCF.

Various initiatives are in place around the country. They are already starting to deliver real improvements in the integration of local health and social care systems.

Better Care Fund planning 2019-20

Better Care Fund policy framework

The DHSC and the MHCLG published the 2019-20 BCF Policy Framework for the implementation of the BCF in 2019-20 in April 2019.

Better Care Fund planning requirements

NHS England, the DHSC and MHCLG published the Integration and BCF planning requirements for 2019-20 in July 2019, which sets out the detailed requirements to local areas on developing and implementing BCF plans based on the 2019-20 Better Care Fund Policy Framework. This document also incorporates the BCF Operating Guidance.

CCG minimum BCF allocations 2019-20

The planning requirements were accompanied by the minimum allocations for the BCF from CCGs for 2019-20.

Support offer

The Better Care Support team (BCST) is committed to ensuring that local areas have the relevant support available to them as they work towards delivering their BCF plans in 2019-20. As with previous years, the BCST will provide a range of support, some of it will be centrally led by the national team, while other parts of the programme will be externally commissioned.

Centrally-led support

In 2019-20 the central support offer includes a series of events throughout the year as well as regional funding, which ensure local areas will be supported by their regional Better Care Manager (BCM) in the form of support events and products.

In addition, local and national networking is encouraged via the Better Care Exchange – part of the futureNHS collaboration platform – which provides local systems with practical support in the form of local practice examples, videos, guides and discussion forums.

If you are involved in the development and/or implementation of BCF plans and wider integration, please email to request access and outline your role.

Externally commissioned support

The BCST will announce its externally commissioned programme of support in due course.

The Integration and Better Care Fund Bulletin

This is a weekly e-newsletter for those responsible for the development and implementation of BCF plans and wider integration. To subscribe to this bulletin, please email

Regional support

Better Care Managers (BCMs) have been recruited in each region to gather learning and coordinate support to local areas. Regions can commission bespoke packages of support to respond to regionally identified needs, generate shared solutions at a regional level and tailor national resources and products to regional needs.

Regional Better Care Managers (BCMs)

Regions, names and contact details are outlined below. A more detailed list of areas managed by the BCMs is available.

Region Area(s) Better Care Manager Email
London All boroughs Andre Lotz
London All boroughs Nicole Valenzuela-Sotomayor
North North East Jayne Robson
North North West Vacant
North Yorkshire & Humber Jenny Sleight
South West South West (Lead) Liane Jennings
Sue Blake
South West South West (North) Becky Drew
South West South West (South) Jonathan Brook
South East South East (Lead) Keith Hardy
South East South East (East) Joy Churcher
South East South East (West) Natalie Jones
Midlands and East East Midlands Wendy Hoult
Midlands and East West Midlands Becky Wilkinson
Midlands and East East Chilala Chitava

Plans Summary and Quarterly Reporting

The below files include planning and quarterly reporting data for the Better Care Fund*:

*Please note there was no quarterly reporting required for Q1 17/18

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