‘Passport’ style brief of young people’s mental health launched

A ‘passport’ style brief of key facts that children and young people using mental health services can use to help them avoid repeating their history and preferences is launched today (Thursday 15 October 2015).

The ‘passport’ idea, which includes clinical information as well as key personal preferences, has been developed by young people, parents and carers and can now be used across care settings either on paper or on mobile phones.

The Future in Mind Report about improving children and young people’s mental health, said ‘You should only have to tell your story once, to someone who is dedicated to helping you, and you shouldn’t have to repeat it to lots of different people’ and the tool has been developed in line with this.

Since the report was published NHS England and partners have been working to address the issues it raised.

For more information see the mental health section of the NHS England website.

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