Giving children the mental health care they need – Dr Ann York

In the latest in our series of blogs about #mentalhealth, an NHS England (London) awareness campaign for mental health care across the capital, Dr Ann York talks the improvements being made to support young people:

It’s late Friday afternoon. Susie is at the GP surgery with her daughter Lizzie, aged 15 (not real names).

The GP has known Lizzie since she was born. Her mother had a postnatal psychosis and it was a difficult time for Lizzie’s dad, who has since left the family. Susie often comes to the surgery, worrying about Lizzie, but today is different as Lizzie has actually come.

She has come to the practice a few times for help with acne, feeling sick and asking about surgery on her nose. Susie starts to complain about Lizzie because she is staying out late, drinking and she has found cuts on her wrists. Lizzie is silent.

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