What on earth is a vanguard?

Cutting through modern-day NHS jargon is no mean feat, but one up-and-coming TV broadcaster has succeeded where the Jeremy Paxmans of this world have failed… meet Healthwatch Harriet.

The tenacious 10-year-old has turned her sights on the NHS England new care models programme. In her new video, she meets new care models programme director Louise Watson, chair of Tower Hamlets CCG Sir Sam Everington, and Hertfordshire County Council’s director of health and community services Iain MacBeath and asks them: “What on earth is a vanguard?”

Harriet has previously grilled NHS bosses on sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs), with the idea being that if you can explain NHS acronyms and organisational design to a 10-year-old, you can explain it to anyone.

The video was launched at this year’s NHS Confederation annual conference, which took place from 14-15 June in Liverpool, and is a part of a wider showcase of the work being done by the vanguards in transforming the way care is delivered nationwide.