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Plans launched for seven day hospital pharmacy services

NHS England will deliver its first report on enhancing the quality of care and improving access to seven day pharmacy services for patients in hospital at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Annual Conference today, Monday 5 September 2016. “Transformation of Seven Day Clinical Pharmacy Services in Acute Hospitals” sets out a vision where hospital pharmacy services […]

HSJ online conversation gives backing to 7-day services

Andrew Snowball, the Health Service Journal’s Head of Engagement, explains how the magazine’s readers are supporting the call for 24/7 care: There is a growing sense of inevitability behind the recent calls for the NHS to be a seven-day service. In June, health secretary Jeremy Hunt described the new £3.8bn social care commissioning pot – on […]

Working to shape a programme of support for the NHS

Dr Janet Williamson, Director of National Improvement Programmes, explains how NHS Improving Quality is working alongside the NHS Services, Seven Days A Week Forum: NHS Improving Quality is building on the work of one of its legacy bodies, NHS Improvement, to support NHS England’s NHS Services, Seven Days a Week Forum build the evidence in […]

Seven day services debate continues at London conference

THE NHS Services, Seven Days A Week Forum’s Project Manager, Deborah Williams, is today addressing a major conference on 24/7 care. The conference, entitled Improving Care, Safety, Outcomes and Productivity Through Delivering a 7 Day Health Service, is being chaired by Dr Janet Williamson, NHS improving Quality’s Director of National Improvement Programmes and also a […]