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Five Year Forward View

The Five Year Forward View signalled a continued focus on improving care, treatment and support for everyone diagnosed with cancer. It set an ambition to improve outcomes across the whole pathway, including: Better prevention; Swifter diagnosis; and Better treatment, care and aftercare. Following the publication of the Five Year Forward View, NHS England established the Independent Cancer Taskforce. The […]

Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View

Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View Home NHS Five Year Forward View Next steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View Executive summary The NHS in 2017 Urgent and emergency care Primary care Cancer Mental health Integrating care locally Funding and efficiency Strengthening our workforce Patient safety Harnessing technology and innovation Conclusion […]

NHS Five Year Forward View: Time to Deliver

Time to Deliver sets out the journey the NHS is undertaking to deliver the Five Year Forward View. It charts the actions taken to improve patient care up until June 2015, steps taken to support financial sustainability and service transformation in 2015/16, and outlines how the NHS will deliver on the outcomes stated in the Five Year Forward View.

The Five Year Forward View: One Year On

Recent times have seen the National Health Service experience significant pressure, while making significant progress. Just over a year ago the NHS Five Year Forward View was launched – our vision for the future of the health system. We proposed that to achieve the triple aim of improved population health, quality of care and cost-control, this needed to be […]

Implementing the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health

The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health has made an unarguable case for transforming mental health care in England. The costs of mental ill health – whether to the individual, their family or carer, the NHS or wider society – are stark. The opportunity of action cannot be ignored, and this document describes how we will take the action required.