How do we do this?

All of our work will be informed by patient experience and will support addressing health inequalities, NHS England’s clinical priorities, net zero targets and the life science vision.

Increase the scale, diversity and speed of research

Increasing the scale, diversity and speed of research so that the NHS has the clinical evidence that reflects the population, in turn making it easier to adopt innovations that benefit all.

                  Delivering transformational commercial deal at scale

Negotiating great deals at scale that support rapid role out of the most promising innovations.

Frontline innovation

Supporting programmes that help the NHS workforce to develop, evaluate and drive innovation on the front line.

Articulating NHS needs and finding solutions

Signalling to researchers, funders, innovators and industry what the NHS needs while also systematically searching for new solutions to high priority areas of need.

Supporting the most promising innovations

Working to increase uptake of NICE approved innovations from medicines, diagnostics, medical devices and digital products.