How do we do this?

National front door for innovators

We want to make it easier and faster for innovators to develop and test their prototypes and bring high-value innovations into the NHS. To do this, we’re developing an online one-stop shop, where innovators can find information and support to nurture their idea from research and testing to adoption and spread. The service will be launched in 2022

Demand signalling

To find the best solutions in healthcare we use ‘demand signalling’ to help researchers, innovators and funders understand what the NHS really needs to meet its challenges.

Integrated Horizon Scanning

Joining up the search for the best new innovations so that we can identify early stage products the AAC needs to foster and make sure that as a system, we are prepared to support their introduction in the NHS.

World-leading testing infrastructure

Create more opportunities for innovators to develop and improve their products, working with the NHS to provide high-quality clinical evidence.

Adoption and spread

Helping the NHS become stronger in its support for clinicians and patients to access new innovations at pace and scale.

Funding strategy

An agreed strategy to fund innovation that aligns with the work of Government, charities, research organisations and investors.