Demand signalling

The AAC is building on work carried out last year to help signal the research needs of the NHS to funders. Our report, NHS England’s Research Needs Assessment 2018 outlines the results of this early work. We are now developing and refining the process for signalling demand for both research and innovation.

Work has already begun with the Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism and Stroke national policy teams, including patients, carers and the public representatives, to identify specific areas of health need which research and innovation should address.

These will be ‘signalled’ through an AAC innovation portal, which is under development.

To support this national work, the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) together with the National Institute Health Research and NHS England and NHS Improvement, have led work to set out local NHS research and innovation priorities.

Further regional discussions are now underway, involving patients and the public, to refine the priorities identified. This will result in each AHSN region publishing a statement of local innovation and research needs: signalling the local demand to the system.

For more information, watch Dr Sam Roberts deliver the keynote address at the NHS Research and Innovation Needs Workshop in September 2019.