About the Board

The NHS England Board consists of a Chair and eight non-executive directors and four voting executive directors. This complies with the requirements of the National Health Service Act 2006. A number of non-voting executive directors regularly attend Board meetings.

Roles and responsibilities of the Board

The Board is the senior decision-making structure in NHS England. It provides strategic leadership to the organisation and, in support of that, it:

  • sets the overall direction of NHS England, within the context of the NHS mandate
  • approves the business plan, which is designed to support achievement of NHS England’s strategic objectives and monitors NHS England’s performance against it
  • holds NHS England’s executive group to account for this performance and for the proper running of the organisation (including operating in accordance with legal and government requirements)
  • determines which decisions it will make and which it will delegate to the executive
    group via the Scheme of Delegation
  • ensures high standards of corporate governance and personal conduct
  • monitors the performance of the group against core financial and operational objectives
  • provides effective financial stewardship
  • promotes effective dialogue between NHS England, government departments, other arm’s length bodies, its partners, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and providers of healthcare and communities served by the commissioning system.

We have set up a number of committees to advise and help us carry out our duties. Find out more about our Board committees.