Always Events®

We have been working with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and Picker Institute Europe to look at how NHS organisations in England can develop consistent ways to meet the individual needs of patients to make sure that care is patient centred and delivered in partnership with them and those close to them.

Always Events®, developed in the United States by the Picker Institute and now led by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), laid the foundation for the development of IHI’s Always Events framework. This framework provides a strategy to help health care providers identify, develop, and achieve reliability in person- and family-centred care delivery processes.

NHS England, IHI and Picker Institute Europe have with a small number of provider organisations to test out the Always Events® methodology. Organisations have now been enrolled for phase two of the project that will, from November 2015, test out a toolkit on how to develop Always Events® within the NHS. We will also be working with NHS commissioners to develop effective ways of includingthis approach in the commissioning processes.

Great work has been done as staff members have engaged with patients and carers as partners, not just a token patient, with the pioneer Trusts aiming to have 50% staff and 50% patients/carers in the room when developing their Always eEvent. This has led to some great ideas that have made sure care is focused on what matters to the patient.

Always Events® has been included in ‘Building the right support: A national plan to develop community services and close inpatient facilities for people with a learning disability and/or autism who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition’ (published in October 2015) as a key way for the transforming care partnerships to demonstrate the responsiveness and accountability of services.

Always Events National Programme

A jointly written letter by Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer at NHS England and Ruth May, Executive Director of Nursing at NHS Improvement, as been issued to Chief Nurses in NHS provider organisations.

Both Ruth and Jane are keen to see the majority of NHS provider trusts using co-production with patients and families to undertake their quality improvement work, and ensure patients have the best possible experience of care.

Always Events® is a tried and tested improvement methodology using co-production and really ensures that patients and families are true partners in designing improvements to services.

Always Events® toolkit

We have been working with IHI and Picker Institute Europe to pilot Always Events® in 10 Trusts across England, and develop a toolkit to support them.

This toolkit is for any organisation wanting to implement an Always Event using the Always Event methodology.

Evaluation of Always Events®

Here is the report of the Evaluation of Always Events® Pilot Programme carried out by Picker Institute (Europe) published September 2016.