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Bev Fitcsimons

Bev is the Head of Improvement at the Point of Care Foundation. Bev has been with the Foundation since 2015, having been part of the Point of Care team at the King’s Fund, as a fellow in health policy since 2009. Bev is responsible for developing and leading programmes to support staff in the NHS and other care settings to enhance patients’ experiences of care.

Prior to working with the Point of Care team, Bev worked in the Healthcare Commission, Commission for Health Improvement, and Audit Commission, delivering thematic reviews of services including maternity care and care for people with long term conditions.

The Point of Care Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working to improve the quality of care by putting patients and staff at the heart of care. Our work includes the Sweeney programme, which brings together our quality improvement work; and the Schwartz programme, which delivers training in Schwartz Rounds, a unique forum to help healthcare workers address the psychological and emotional challenges of their everyday work.