Posts by Isaac Samuels

Photograph of Isaac Samuels, co-chair of the Working Group of the APPG on Adult Social Care

Isaac is a member of National Co-production Advisory group, Think Local Act Personal (TLAP).

He is a co-chair of the working group of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Adult Social Care and is a committed community-minded individual working within the third sector for many years. He works closely with local government and national charities, the Department of Health and Social Care, and TLAP. His primary focus is supporting a systematic approach to improve services for the people who need to access them and ensuring they meet the needs of the population by embedding communities’ voices at every level.

Isaac’s achievements include:
• Considerable influence and success in terms of reducing the barriers that people who have impairments, and other seldom heard groups, face by ensuring that these barriers are explored in an open, honest, reflective way that supports people to retell their narratives in a way that makes them stronger.
• Sharing his own personal narrative and drawing on the narratives of others to support this life mission of ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities regardless of impairment, age and socio-economic backgrounds.
• Supporting a number of important social changes over the years from LGBT+ rights to choice and control and co-production.
• He is currently involved in numerous projects including research, lecturing, charity work, trusteeship, management and steering group leadership roles with a number of organisations.

All of this is achievable for Isaac as he receives support from a personal assistant (PA) through a direct payment, Isaac is passionate about self-directing his own support and the role that PAs play within the social care sector.