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Pete Matuszowicz

Pete Matuszowicz has a background in engineering, education and training.

In 1983, at the age of thirty, he suffered a traumatic upper limb amputation while living in the Bahamas. As a result he lost his job and had to rebuild his life. Instead of returning to England he moved to the United States, continued to travel with his work and pursued a master’s degree in Educational Leadership

Pete has presented internationally at various professional development conferences and taught in higher education where his work has been well received. He has a successful leadership record in education and SME business management.

After losing his arm, Pete followed early advice that… “From now on he must work with his head, not his hands”, successfully developing and delivering leadership, life skills and self-management training for corporate, manufacturing, academic, correctional and rehabilitation environments.

Pete has developed self-management for the UK public and private corporate sectors in the form of Manage-Able™, a programme that synthesises these past successes, including that of personal experience.