The Beneficial Changes Network

We want to hear about your frontline transformation, innovation or improvement!

The Beneficial Changes Network is now open for a second round of submissions from the frontline to learn from the incredible ways in which people and systems continually improve through transformation, innovation and collaboration, whilst safeguarding effective health and care delivery.

In the first year, we received thousands of submissions from frontline stakeholders and partners across health and care and harvested their incredible innovative and collaborative initiatives to share the learning.

Our growing Network now has over 1000 stakeholders from across health and care and has used the innovation from frontline teams, the voluntary care sector, and across the wider NHS and beyond to:

  • Influence up through national policy and strategy
  • Build a shared platform by creating a community of practice to enable sharing and learning and adoption and spread
  • Support system development through what to take forward as new ways of working in the Integrated Care Systems
  • Partnering together across health and care by enabling collaboration with all
  • Supporting innovation by building a movement and empowering teams
  • Distil the high impact changes through evaluation in partnership with national programmes

This round of submissions is not specific to changes which occurred during the pandemic, rather a general invitation for submissions in terms of transformation, innovation or improvement in care and in the delivery of care services.

Submit your transformation, innovation or improvement here

Submissions can be made until Friday 22 October 2021.

To access all of the outputs from year one, you can join our Network on the FutureNHS collaboration platform. You need to register for a FutureNHS account before you can join our network.

  • Submit one submission per innovation or improvement
  • Check with your organisation or senior sponsor
  • Please do not include any personal or confidential information
  • You’ll be asked to fill in the following on the form:

Describe the transformation, improvement or innovation

Describe the transformation, improvement or innovation including ambition , process; outcome, spread and value and involvement. Examples of what you might want to include in each section:

  • Ambition: The aim for the project or innovation (e.g. to reduce unnecessary A&E attendances)
  • Process: How did you make this change happen (i.e. plans and implementation)
  • Outcome: The direct results of the innovation (e.g. fewer inappropriate attendances, reduced waiting times)
  • Spread: Has the learning from this improvement been shared (e.g. published reports, engagement events)
  • Value: The overarching benefits of this change and its outcomes (e.g. improved care, cost benefits)
  • Involvement: How have those who experience care been involved in the development of this improvement (e.g. co-production workshops, patient surveys)

Where has the transformation, improvement or innovation taken place:

Tell us about where has the improvement or innovation taken place –  region; neighbourhood  (e.g. PCN footprint), System (ICS footprint) or Place (CCG footprint)

Categorise your change

Use the drop-down categories on the submission form:

  1. Clinical or non-clinical area (eg Cancer; Diabetes; Eye Care; Neurology; Respiratory or People; Estates; Green NHS)
  2. Sector eg acute, social care, mental health
  3. Population with protected and other characteristics (eg age, carers, disability, ethnicity, inclusion health groups, learning disabilities and autism; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; mental health, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation)
  4. Setting (eg general practice, home, inpatients, outpatients, palliative,  prisons and secure settings, schools and educational settings, workplace, urgent and emergency care)
  5. Theme (e.g. patient and carer; system; digitally enabled care; clinical; people and culture)
  6. Outcomes (choose from BCN 8 outcome domains: patient outcome; experience of care; staff wellbeing; workforce capacity; productivity and efficiency; population health and health inequalities; system working; contribution to Net Zero)

Finally, you’ll be asked if you’d like to share your learning with other sites and systems.

If you have any queries, need the form in alternative format or would like to join our FutureNHS online community  please contact