The Beneficial Changes Network

The Beneficial Changes Network has come together to build on the incredible ways in which people and systems have responded to COVID-19 through innovation and collaboration, whilst safeguarding effective health and care delivery. The Network is a collaborative group of health and social care stakeholders and people with lived experience who want to harness and capture the benefits, evaluate these changes, to share the knowledge and embed the learning across the entire health and care sector. This encouraging and supportive alliance endeavours to facilitate the cultural change required to ensure these benefits are felt by all.

COVID-19 is transforming the way we work together across boundaries and has brought into sharp focus the health inequalities across our diverse communities.

The Beneficial Changes Network has been engaging with stakeholders, partners and people with lived experience from across health and social care to listen, share and understand the impact, the benefits of change and the unintended consequences we want to mitigate going forward. The network has reached out to frontline stakeholders through surveys, big conversations, crowd-sourcing and other means of engagement.

Beneficial changes stakeholders

There are 16 Beneficial Change workstreams in NHS England and NHS Improvement capturing and sharing the collective learning, these are:

  • Clinical change
  • Primary care
  • Mental health
  • Community care
  • Patient/Ccarer
  • Citizen and public
  • Digital
  • Culture and people
  • Workforce
  • Emergency and elective care and patient flow
  • Commercial
  • Professional practice
  • Systems
  • Ambulance
  • Green NHS
  • System Improvement

The workstreams are reviewing and evaluating the impact of each change which they have found in terms of:

  • Equality and inclusion
  • Health inequalities
  • Patient outcomes
  • Patient experience
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Partnership working
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Economic value
  • The patient, carer and public voice

There are five consistent pillars of change which have emerged across all stakeholder groups and the 16 workstreams.

Beneficial changes pillars of change

  1. Patients, Carers and Communities
  2. People and Culture
  3. Clinical and Service
  4. System and Partnerships
  5. Digitally-enabled Care

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