Delivering what matters most to people

As the Personal Health Budgets team welcomes applications from patients and families to join the Peer Leadership Academy for 2016-17, NHS England’s Lived Experience Lead explains the importance of embedding co-production into national initiatives to give people more choice and control over their care:

Since last year, I’ve been pleased to work directly with the teams at NHS England who are overseeing the policy and delivery of personal health budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning across the country.

My interest in this area began a number of years ago when my son, Mitchell, became one of the first people in the country to receive a personal health budget. This was managed successfully until he passed away last year.

The Personal Health Budgets and IPC teams at NHS England are tasked with making PHBs a reality for 50,000 to 100,000 people by 2020. This will meet the Government’s 2016-17 mandate to the NHS, and take PHBs and personalisation one step further through Integrated Personal Commissioning.

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Jo Fitzgerald

Jo Fitzgerald is a co-founder of Peoplehub Community Interest Company, a network of people with direct experience of Personal Health Budgets.

Peoplehub was set up in 2012 to give a voice to people who want, or already have, a personal health budget. It aims to connect and empower people and to influence the development of personal health budgets by working collaboratively with NHS England and other partner organisations.

Jo’s life was profoundly transformed when Mitchell was born in 1992 with a severe disability and complex health needs. The experience of being Mitchell’s mum has largely influenced the direction of her life; it has shaped her beliefs, values and life choices. Mitchell was one of the first people in England to have a personal health budget and has spent the last six years actively spreading the word.

Jo leads the National Personal Health Budget Peer Network for NHS England and is a regular speaker at national events.