Expo 2016 will take the pulse of our health and care system

For me, the Health and Care Innovation Expo is one of the really key moments of the year for the health and care sector.

It is a unique event, where leaders from all parts of the NHS, local government, the third sector and private business spend two days sharing the innovation that brings about improvements to patient care.

Health and Care Innovation Expo is a forum of shared purpose. We all want to secure the very best health and care services for everyone. These run from the support to stay well, to accessing the most advanced treatments and procedures.

Our conversation, debate and learning happens across a variety of formats and environments. We have two main stages, a varied and relevant exhibition, four feature zones focussing on key areas of health and care innovation, and more than 100 expert-led workshops in the pop-up university.

The sense of excitement and urgency at last year’s event means that I am already looking forward to our return to Manchester Central for Expo 2016 on 7 and 8 September. By then, we will be 18 months into implementing the ground breaking NHS Five Year Forward View, and we will be able to celebrate and share the NHS’s significant achievements, while collectively looking forward to the work still to do.

At Expo 2016, we will see the progress of the 50 vanguard sites that are exploring and testing new models of care that will be used right across the NHS. Last time, their feature zone at the heart of Manchester Central was one of the most popular attractions, and this September they will be able to show real examples of their integrated plans developing into tangible improvements to patient care and experience.

We will also hear from the NHS Right Care team, and from the Clinical Commissioning Groups that are implementing this transformative approach. Over 2016/17, every CCG in England will be moving towards delivering NHS Right Care, with involvement from every part of every local health economy. This work will dovetail with the further collaborative development of regional Sustainability and Transformation Plans, under which all parts of the NHS will work together over a number of years to ensure sustainable, effective services evolve and embed within their geographic footprint.

Our two main stages will feature inspiring speakers including Professor Bob Wachter MD, who is leading the national review ‘Making IT work: harnessing the power of health IT to improve care in England’, and National Data Guardian Dame Fiona Caldicott. The list is growing all the time.

In my view, there is no better event than Health and Care Innovation Expo at which to take the pulse of the health and care system, gain a full understanding of the challenges and opportunities we collectively face, and drill down to gain new insights and ideas in our own areas of expertise and interest.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Professor Sir Malcolm Grant CBE

Professor Sir Malcolm Grant CBE is the Chairman of NHS England.

Sir Malcolm is also Chancellor of the University of York, and immediate past President and Provost of UCL (University College London) from 2003-2013. He is a barrister and a Bencher of Middle Temple.

As an academic lawyer he specialised in planning, property and environmental law, and was Professor and Head of Department of Land Economy (1991-2003) and pro-vice chancellor (2002-03) of Cambridge University, and professorial fellow of Clare College.

He has served as Chair of the Local Government Commission for England, of the Agriculture and Environmental Biotechnology Commission and the Russell Group. He is currently a trustee of Somerset House, a director of Genomics England Ltd and a UK Business Ambassador.

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  1. sukismum says:

    You won’t see me there as I can’t afford the £600 cost. In any case, there is no patient involvement as they don’t really want citizen/patients there. Quite what the purpose of NHS EXPO is is quite beyond me, but then I am only a patient, what would I know.

    Has NHS England actually read what it sent out to CCGs? In a document called Changing the way we do business it says, The documents above reinforce a long held view that the NHS belongs to the public. It has changed significantly over time and requires a refreshed way of thinking about how the public influences service delivery. With finite resources and increasing demand, NHS organisations must get stronger and better in the way that they engage citizens. The new language around culture change relates to co-design, co-production and co-delivery: in short, the NHS must operate with citizen engagement at the heart of its commissioning and provision of services.

    Any of that in the planning, design and coproduction of NHS EXPO?
    It is a jolly afternoon out for the chiefs but not the indians.

  2. Gill Clancy says:

    This sounds very exciting but as always seems to be the case where is the patient voice in all of this planning and envisioning? I have been ‘actively’ involved in PPE for three years and still struggle to be heard. Why is the patient voice not one of the stake holders I this Expo event?

  3. Pearl Baker says:

    I continue to be disappointed with the ever increasing ‘rhetoric’ from NHS England, you are failing to understand even the ‘fundamentals’ necessary to achieve your objectives.

    If LA have no money nothing can be ‘fixed’, agency staff, shortage of staff is a serious problem for those most in need.

    The GP are completely at ‘sea’ they may have some ‘tools’ but there is nobody listening, or even there!

    The CCG Boards are mostly made up of GPs who rarely see their patients because they are trying to be ‘FINANCE MANAGERS’ for NHS England.

    I regularly email or contact anyway possible to ‘inform’ those who need to know how the system is failing their clients, and still it continues in an ‘ad hoc’ manner.

    I am a Carer and Independent Mental Health Advocate and Advisor are you saying I am making the dreadful situation both Carers and those suffering from Mental Illness are confronted on a daily basis.

    The KingsFund webnair of the 2nd March 2016 on ‘driving integration between housing and health’ was a typical example of ‘PROFESSIONALS’ not being in the real world. The discussion that took place was NOT ‘inclusive of all those vulnerable adults placed by the LA into ‘supported unregulated accommodation’, and only appeared to be ‘targeted’ towards those with ‘PROVIDERS’ being regulated by the CQC.

    The vast majority are NOT protected by ‘NEGLECT’ by any organisation!!

    The ‘poll’ taken at the end of this 1 hour discussion was completely ‘flawed’ the ‘group’ I support are mostly ‘invisible’ to the system, unsupported, discharged from ‘Care Plans’ No advocates, some sleeping ‘rough’, no Welfare Benefits due to the ever increasing Welfare System, trying to make the most ‘vulnerable’ ‘fit for work’.

    The Equality Act 2010 is ignored, the Human Rights Act is ignored, the Care Act is ignored. The role of the Appointee is completely misunderstood by everyone, even the DWP.

    As an Appointee you are (supposed) to be interviewed on a regular basis by the DWP to ensure the person you CARE for is still unable to manage their own affairs through Disability or Illness? at the same time you could be contacted by the NEW (for profit) agency funded to the ‘tune’ of £400 million by IDS to get everybody back to work!

    ‘Care Plans’ or NOT as the case maybe are now being challenged by a SYSTEM of ‘fit for work’ an organisation who has no knowledge of your illness, or even you.

    I could be employed 24/7 this system is ‘broken’ and will continue to be, because the Academics and ‘Professionals’ think they know better! you cannot say any ‘data’ collection is correct, based on the fact most vulnerable severely mentally ill patients have become ‘invisible’ to the system.

    I ‘network’ across the entire UK and have been involved in Mental Health for thirty years.

    My latest client? is in a ‘Vanguard’ area, absolutely no difference to them. The mother lives in Cornwall contacted me after ‘googling’ for help.